LIVEUP SPORTS implementation of the "people-oriented, have both ability and political integrity" concept of employment.
        First, the "people-oriented" that is the center of human, put people in the first place, give full play to the initiative and subjective initiative.
SPORTS LIVEUP attaches great importance to the growth and development of staff, for the staff to establish a free development platform and promotion space.

        Two, have both ability and political integrity
(a) political integrity
1. With lofty dedication spirit: the overall situation and general knowledge, to develop the company responsibility, strong business heart, high responsibility sense and stable state of mind organic combination.
2. The correct value view: upright and selfless, fair, advocate "Yifengengyun, a harvest", despise reaping insatiable, firmly believe that through their own efforts in acquiring due returns.
3 team spirit: the overall situation is heavy, as a member of the group to adopt a cooperative attitude, concerned about the overall goal of the group, rather than individual interests.

(b) ability
1 excellent professional knowledge and skills: This is the basic requirements of the ability to work.
2 goal is clear: in compliance with the rules and regulations of the company under the premise of creativity around the development goals of the enterprise to carry out the work.
3 objective analysis ability and the ability to handle affairs independently: in the case of complex and difficult circumstances, it can also make a precise and objective assessment of the work to be done, and can be completed independently.
4 practical creativity: with unique insights and perfect thinking system, in the work of positive thinking, to produce new and reasonable proposals, and can make it into a new practical action plan.
5. Strong fighting force: vitality adequately will combined with short and long term goals, strive to continuously improve the performance of the work, active, dare to take the risk and pressure, with unremitting efforts and constant innovation to ensure the task is completed.
6. Communication and leadership skills, good communication skills, open mind, through communication to work smoothly with the aim of, and then develop into an individual's ability to lead; to encourage subordinates to achieve professional and personal goal; to develop high performance standards, subordinate to the working responsibility and help enhance the professional skills and skills of subordinates.
7 learning ability: from their own or others the actual work of success, failure to learn lessons, sum up experience, to learn to achieve progress; able to constantly update the knowledge structure, with the ability to learn new knowledge and skills.

        The prosperity of the company is the wish of every employee, the company has high hopes for every employee, and try to meet the material needs and spiritual needs of employees. Hope to provide every employee in Yaxing stage conscientiously, make all-out efforts, work hard, play their own light and heat.

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